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Bakery Businesses

bakery businessesBakery Businesses


At AAK Foodservice, we are committed to working with bakery businesses to determine the solution that best suits your baking needs, providing full functionality, while maintaining workability, taste and texture. We offer a broad portfolio of high quality shortenings, butter blends and margarines for bakery applications from breads and biscuits to cakes and donuts. Whether your aim is reducing trans fat, lowering saturated fatty acids, extending shelf life or simply producing quality products, we have the ingredient for you.

Services for the Bakery Business

We are focused on our customers and the success of their bakery business. With this in mind, we are continually developing our ability to provide technical support to our bakery customers. We work to achieve this through our broad line of products, partnering to co-develop new solutions and having a team of people well versed in the needs of bakery applications.

Since our facilities are BRC certified, you can also be assured that the products we provide will meet your quality requirements. In addition to the confidence you’ll have in our quality, we leverage our HACCP and Quality practices to ensure we are delivering consistency in the flavor, appearance and texture of the products we provide. This enables our bakery customers to have the confidence that the ingredients they use contribute to meeting their customer’s standards.

Our in-house delivery capability and the coordination between our Customer Service, Production and Warehouse teams promote a culture focused on reliable delivery. This makes AAK Foodservice the partner best suited to help you grow your business.

Products for the Bakery Business

Margarines, Butter Blends and Spreads – Sweet and creamy, soft and spreadable, these products provide customers with all the benefits of butter at a great value. They can be used in any application you would normally use butter and achieve the same great taste, appearance and performance at a fraction of the cost, while maintaining the quality your customers have come to expect.

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bakery butter

Oils and Shortenings – Our oils and shortenings are recognized for their high performance in a variety of applications as well as finished food quality. In addition, our natural olive oil blends provide customers exceptional taste at an excellent value.



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