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Butter Blends, Margarine and Spreads

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butter blends and margarines

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Sweet and creamy, soft and spreadable, these products provide customers with all the benefits of butter at a great value. They can be used in any application you would normally use butter and achieve the same great taste, appearance and performance at a fraction of the cost, while maintaining the quality your customers have come to expect.

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butter blends

Our Butter Blends are made with rich AA Grade Butter and blended with sweet cream buttermilk and pure vegetable oil to provide a smooth, creamy textured butter alternative.

Butter Blend Zero Trans Fat Palm

Butter Blend 2%

Butter Blend 20%

Butter Blend 60/40

European Style Butter Blend 90/10


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Our wide selection of Solid Margarines are a delicious and affordable choice that can be successfully substituted wherever butter is used in bakery, cooking and other food product applications.

Zero Trans Fat Margarine

Bakers Margarine

Milk-Based Margarine

No Preservative Margarine

Regular Margarine

Salted Margarine

Unsalted Margarine

Whipped Margarine



solid margarine


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liquid margarine

Rich, buttery flavored Liquid Margarine with no cholesterol prevents sticking and scorching, has a higher smoke point than butter and enhances flavor without added costs.

Liquid Margarine

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Our Flavored Spreads provide an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications or wherever a garlic buttery flavor is desired.

Margarine Based Garlic Spread

Butter Blend Garlic Spread

flavored spreads