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Oils and Shortenings

OILS SHORTENINGSoils shortenints

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Our oils and shortenings are recognized for their high performance in a variety of applications as well as finished food quality. In addition, our natural olive oil blends provide customers exceptional taste at an excellent value.



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Our Oils are extremely versatile and are used in multiple applications, they enhance the taste of food when used for cooking and baking and resist flavor transfers when used for deep frying.  Select any product to get product and sizing information.

Canola Fry

Canola Oil

Corn Oil

Peanut Delight

Soybean Oil for Baking

Soybean Oil for Frying

Soybean for Cooking & Frying



Our Liquid Shortenings are designed for intense applications where stability is a necessity, which simplifies cooking with liquid convenience and enhances flavor without added costs.

Clear Liquid Shortening

Creamy Liquid Shortening

Ex-Seed Creamy Liquid Shortening

Golden Fry Liquid Shortening

creamy liquid shortening
butter substitutes


Our Butter Substitutes are a rich, buttery flavored vegetable oil blend that prevents sticking and scorching, has a higher smoke point than butter and enhances flavor without added costs.

Better Butter Alternative

Pan & Grill Butter Substitute

solid shortenings

Our Solid Shortenings are made with excellent creaming ability and a smooth texture which enhances flavor and produces excellent results in applications from frying and baking to donuts and icing.

All-Purpose Shortening

Beef Fat Shortening

Blended Animal/Vegetable Shortening

Donut Fry Shortening


Palm Oil Shortening

Vegetable Fry Shortening

Zero Trans Fat Cake and Icing Shortening



olive oil blends


olive oil

A blend of olive oil and soybean oil, a golden oil by definition, can be used for multiple applications, such as enhancing soups, sauces and bruschetta.

Blended Olive Oil 25%

Blended Oil 10%

Blended Olive Oil

Pure Pomace Olive Oil