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Market Trends | January 6, 2016

commodity oil pricing

Market Trends | January 6, 2015 –

Here is a look back at some of the key events that affected the commodity oils market:
• During 2015 the market traded down to levels not seen since October 2006, but overall the decline in futures prices was just 5% YOY.
• The South American crop harvested in January/February was a record crop which helped pressure futures prices.
• A wet spring delayed plantings in the US and Canada which led to support in prices based on ideas of lower yields.
• The summer weather between June and August was nearly ideal with timely rains which caused prices to decline from $.3529/lb to $.2538/lb.
• During the summer months crude petroleum lost nearly 1/3 of its value; trading from $60/barrel down to $40/barrel.
• Better than expected yields in both the US and Canada helped keep prices low during harvest (September and October).
• Talk of El Nino and the adverse effects on the palm market helped push futures prices higher during the last 2 months of the year.
• The EPA announced an increase in the bio-diesel mandate late in the year which also helped push futures prices higher.

Weekly chart of soybean oil futures for 2015

soy pricing


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